C'est Petite Vienna is committed to make little things that matter to mum and baby. Every mother with baby carried all necessities in their diaper bag and these adds up to a very heavy bag. One of the heaviest and most use item is a pack of heavy full wet wipes which is a massive amount to be used in a day. It is time to just bring the right amount of wet wipes stylishly everywhere you go with WIPOUCH - the Original Refillable Wet Wipes Pouch.

WIPOUCH is a system to store and carry your wet wipes both at home and on the go. Not only WIPOUCH is great for baby wipes, in fact, all kind of wet wipes can be stored in WIPOUCH especially those that has a stick-on lid that can easily get dirts and become non-sticky anymore which could leave wipes dry. WIPOUCH comes in 2 sizes for those who love to carry a small amount of wipes, and for some who feels secure to bring more wipes.

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