Jelly Pop Cooling Jelly Seat for Stroller/Car Seat/Bouncer is a cooling cushion seat liner that can be placed on strollers, car seats, bouncers, high chairs and more. It makes use of "Hi-So" technology to keep baby's body cool. It contains Hi-So beads that are soft, strong and durable. Young children maybe vulnerable towards overheating especially when outdoors, for babies with fever, sensitive skin, they can get even more inflammation and infection when exposed to high temperatures. Therefore this Hi-So Jelly Seat is handyl to keep young children cool and healthy.

  • Jelly Seat is able to maintain a temperature 3-5 degrees lower than surrounding temperature
  • Contains non-toxic Hi-So beads that have low thermal conductivity and uses thermocycling process to keep cool
  • The Durable Hi-So  beads do not flow out or evaporate and can last a long time
  • Cool and comfortable for use on hot days
  • Fabric made of high grade oxford cotton, suitable for sensitive skin
  • Back of the seat is made up of evenly distributed high sodium beads for comfort
  • Compatible with many seats such as strollers, car seats and so on

Jellypop Jellyseat - Chic Rabbit
Jellypop Jellyseat - Dreaming Bear
Jellypop Jellyseat - Lovely Tree
Jellypop Jellyseat - Snow Garden
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