Lil' Milk Monsters

Lil' Milk Monsters

Lil' Milk Monsters carries Milk Monster Covers, sewn locally with love. We believe in empowering breast feeding mothers to nurse anytime, anywhere!

Our nursing covers are sewn with love, specially catered for the comfort of both mums and babies.


The following features ensures that you will have an enjoyable nursing time with your milk monsters. 

  • Easy to take on and off, with no rings or buckles

  • Fashionable- we know how difficult it is to find a nice and trendy nursing cover!

  • Stays put well - even when your milk monsters are kicking or moving 

  • Flexible neck opening - allows you to take a peep at your little milk monster

  • 360 coverage - makes you feel at ease no matter where you are

  • Easy storage - light weight and easy to fold

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