Turn up the beat! Our MBoss Collection is ready to jam with ZIGGY! This gently-sloped herringbone delivers a fresh, new rhythm to classic chevron with our unique embossed fabrication. A duet of two simple yet stunning colors, Baked Clay and Warm Sand, ZIGGY will be music to your eyes!

Warm Sand | Shimmering Lining

Suntans and sandy toes, this MBoss solid embodies a relaxing summer day. WARM SAND’s beachy beige vibe is the carefree neutral you’ve been waiting for. Goes with everything and won’t cause a fuss. Rose Gold hardware, Shimmering lining, and coordinating zipper tape perfect the look. From the boardroom to the surfboard, you’ll be on trend with the soft pinkish hue of WARM SAND!

Baked Clay | Sunset Lining

From unglazed pots to earthenware, our new BAKED CLAY solid is cooked to perfection! The color of a desert sunset, nature’s best is revealed in the brownish-orange exterior. Gunmetal hardware, Sunset lining, and coordinating zipper tape complete this stylish look. Straight from the kiln, Baked Clay will heat you up!

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