Dino Pirates

Dino Pirates

How fabulous is the combination of Dinosaurs and Pirates?! Full of character (and a little bit cheeky) Dino Pirates is inspired by swashbuckling treasure hunts and tropical island adventures.

Made primarily from supply high quality neoprene or PU fabric (the WarminOne) all our products are swim school and lesson approved and provide UPF50+ sun protection to protect your baby in and out of the water.

Go on, take them on a splash-buckling swimming adventure!

We’re going on a dinosaur treasure hunt. We’re going on a dinosaur treasure hunt.

Going to nd a big one. I’m not scared.

Oh no! A cold, deep river! We can’t go over it.
We can’t go under it.

Oh yay! We must swim through it. Splish, splash. Splish, splash. Splish, splash. 

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