Sleepy Dust Tula Rental

Sleepy Dust rental programme is a FREE Tula rental service meant to help you decide which Tula carrier is best for you. Have a free tryout, and come back buying the right Tula. 

Couples are welcome to make a session reservation on any weekday for a Tula baby carrier and rent it for 1 week from the pickup of the carrier.

Currently, the service is located only at Marina Square.  You must put a $100 deposit down for the carrier that you wish to take, and it must be returned 1 week after you have picked it up.

Should you really like the carrier, you may approach the staff to ask if there is a discount for the purchase of a new Tula.


This free service requires you to acknowledge and accept the following conditions:

  1.  The duration of the FREE rental is 1 week and must inspect the Tula baby carrier before you leave with it,
  2.  The service is rented out for free, but you must put a deposit of $100. This deposit is fully refundable when you return the Tula in the same condition it was borrowed in.
  3. There is a penalty of $7/day for late return of the carrier 
  4. Any damage - including rips, tears, unremovable stains and broken parts will result in penalties which will be deducted from your security deposit. If the loss and damage is more than $100, we reserve the right to demand for top-up payment.
  5. This service is rented free of charge to you, in your personal capacity and not for business purpose. You may not 're-lease' it off for any fee or payment in kind to another user, neither are you allowed to use of it as an advertisement for personal or business profit.
  6. You are the primary borrower and you cannot pass this duty-of-care to another user who uses the carrier you borrow. In the event that you do, you shall accept all responsibilities regardless of who is using the carrier you borrow from us.
  7. Bumwear Pte Ltd, its employees, part-time employees, agents, vendors, Baby Tula Inc, the landlord of the premise you borrow from, and other groups, such as Singapore Tula Love, accepts no responsibility for any harm that may result from the use or misuse  of this carrier to by you,
  8. You may only use this carrier in a manner as specified by Baby Tula Inc, in the weight range of the carrier for the child you are carrying. You may not use this carrier for any other purposes, except for the carrying of a child. 
  9. Bumwear reserves the right to amend, change or stop this service at any time, and may restrict this service to anyone.
  10. Please wait for a successful confirmation email with regards to your booking.