Dollars and Cents

We know that cloth diapers are really better for our baby's bottoms than disposable diapers, yet a lot of us balk at using cloth diapers. The most often cited reasons are cost of cloth diapers and the hassle of cleaning them. With modern fabrics, cleaning cloth diapers is really a breeze now. Click here for more information on cleaning of cloth diapers.

This leaves us with the matter of costs. The upfront cost of cloth diapering does appear daunting, doesn't it ? We don't really feel the pinch of buying disposable diapers when it's all buried underneath our grocery bills. But is it really cheaper than cloth ?

Let's work it out (assume that each disposable diapers cost S$0.30)


Newborn to a 3 months old baby needs on the average 12 diapers a day.
Total costs = 12 pcs x 30 days x 3 months x $0.30 = S$324

A 4 months to 6 months old baby needs on average 8 disposable diapers a day
Total costs = 8 pcs x 30 days x 3 months x $0.30 = S$216

A 7 months baby to 30 months old baby needs on average 6 disposable diapers a day
Total costs = 6 pcs x 30 days x 24 months x $0.30 = S$1296

You're looking at a total cost of S$1836 and this does NOT include all the diaper rash cream that you have to buy . This is money that goes straight to the landfill.

How about cloth diapers, you say :-) ? OK, let's work it out:

Newborn to 3 months old : 2 dozens prefolds
Total costs = about S$72 (depending on which type of prefolds you get)

3 Covers = S$60

From when he weighs 5 kg to toilet training stage, a baby can use our one size diapers. Package E is enough to for full time cloth diapering.
Cost = S$527

Total costs = S$659. Let's make it S$750 to include the nappy liners.

With loving care, cloth diapers can be passed down to the younger siblings whereas disposable diapers are strictly a one time use product. The best thing is that cloth diapers come in so many interesting colours and prints plus they're so much more comfy than disposables. Now..if your baby has a choice, which underwear do you think he'll prefer - cloth or paper :-) ?

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