How It All Got Started

It all started with our third baby Keagan's persistent diaper rash. Trips back and forth the paediatrician and the pharmacy fail to lick the problem completely. Out of sheer frustration, I turned to the Net hoping for some super (and permanent !) cure for his diaper rash

One thing leads to another and I found out about cloth diapering and how it's supposed to help baby with bad diaper rash. My first reaction was "Yucks ! Who wants to cloth diaper these days? Certainly not me !!" I still had not-so-wonderful memories of trying to pin a nappy on my squirmy first-born 3 years before that and of trying to wash off the breastfed baby poo off the nappies (and not succeeding very well). All our good intentions of wanting to cloth diaper our son and save the earth (and our pockets) flew out the window in less than two weeks.

However, my eyes were caught by some of the very cute cloth diapers I saw on the internet. Wow, those are really cool cloth diapers, I thought ! I ordered a couple from the States and tried them on my diaper-rash-prone baby. He loved them so much he cried when I have to take them off

Keagan (at 25 mths) in his favourite blue diapers. It was his persistent nappy rash as a baby that led to the development of the Bumwear diapers

So I checked out more sites on cloth diapering (mainly in the States) and ordered one from here, another from there -- it was like a wonderful addiction. And the best thing was, my son loves being diapered in cool, comfortable cotton. From trying all the different diapers, I came to decide what I would want in a diaper. This is how the Bumwear diaper came about. Bumwear cloth diapers have come a long way since we started with the current version being our best and most popular ever.

None of my close friends ever cloth diapered their babies here in Singapore and when found out about my cloth diapering adventure, most of them went "You've got to be kidding ! Who on the earth use cloth diaper now ?!?". This is usually my cue to tell them about how wonderfully easy it is to put on cloth diaper ("wear it like how you wear your disposables") and that washing poo-ey diapers is as bad as they think.

I am not claiming that cloth diapering is as easy as wearing disposables. What I am saying, though, is that cloth diapering has come along way from where it was a few years back and we are very glad that many mothers here in Singapore (even working ones) are starting to see cloth diaper as serious alternative in diapering their babies.

In Singapore, there is scant information on cloth diapering. We hope that from our website, parents can learn more about cloth diapering and the positive effect it has on their baby's bottom, their pocket and the earth.

Oh...and my son's diaper rash ? It has disappeared almost completely ever since he was cloth diapered and I must say that his little bum looked pretty cute in his batik diapers.

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