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Bumwear was started by Rita, a former resident of Bali, now staying in Singapore. Our range includes babywear and children's wear that are exclusively designed for newborn babies up to 8 year old children. Our fabric designs are original and all our Batiks are handprinted in Bali. We believe that children's clothes should not only be of good quality but also fun and comfortable! Bumwear offers an appealing range of children's wear of high quality, 100% cotton garments that are colourful and comfortable.

All decked out in blue
Sep 2007
Gillian dancing the flamenco
Gillian (5) doing her version of the flamenco
September 2003

The very popular Bumwear cloth diapers were born out of our belief that cloth diapers are the BEST for our babies and our environment. Through this website, we hope to persuade other moms that cloth diapering their babies is not as troublesome as many of us think it is.

We are a Mom-run company that believes that raising children and running a business can go hand-in-hand. Our associate, Moms in Mind, is also a company that works with this philosophy.

A pro-life family, we believe in and practise breastfeeding, baby-wearing, child-led weaning and attachment parenting. We also firmly believe in doing our bit to save our environment, hence the cloth diapers and reusable swim diapers. All the products we carry in our store have been used and tested on our 5 children.

Bumwear was initially a one woman show with Rita doing her own web design, designing, accounting and other stuff related to running a small business. It's a hectic life especially with 5 young kids -- but she apparently thrives on stress ;-)

Meghan at 10 days
Meghan at 10 days old.
February 2005
Click here to read her birthstory
Keagan and Kenan up to their monkey tricks
Sep 2008

How We Make Our Clothes

Our entire collection is hand-printed and we do not mass-produce them :-) For each fabric design, Rita will, with the help of the kids, draw the design we want to use for the fabric. A "cap" or a mould is then made in accordance with this design. The fabric is first dyed with the foreground colour of the batik and then wax-stamped with the "cap".

The fabric is again dipped into the dye of the background colour of the batik and where the wax is, the second dye cannot penetrate. Finally, the cloth is boiled to remove the wax. This is why we can safely say all that our clothes are pre-shrunk. With batik, you literally have to wash the fabric a few times (and boil them!) as well to get the final designs.

For pictorial explanations of we make our batiks, please click here.

We love to fish!!
(@ Port Stephens, NSW, Nov 2006)
10 kids!
10 kids in 2 families :-)
(@ Tokyo Disneyland, Nov 2007 )

Imperfections in Batik are Normal

As the fabric are all hand printed, it is normal to find little dye imperfections. Further more we dye only short strips of the fabric at a time. This ensures that each item is very unique in its own way. You may also find small specks of green wax on the garment. Please do not be alarmed. This is just the wax that is used in the batiking process and will wash out.

We hope you will enjoy the selection at our website. Please feel free to contact us should you have any query.

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