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Package C (Economic Set)-Diaper Package
Package C (Economic Set)-Diaper Package

Package-C is the best-value full-time* package, that takes you into experiencing what day + night cloth diapering will be like. With 10 diapers, you'll seldom need to worry about having any disposable diapers on standby at home (if you wash them nightly - your diapers will be ready for reuse again in the morning).

* Please understand that while having 10 diapers is sufficient in allowing you to full-time cloth diaper, it is altogether another thing to say, that they'll last till your child is potty-trained. Washing each diaper nightly will subject them to a high-degree of wear-and-tear. If you find that this package works well, do consider getting some extra diapers later to lower the number of times each diaper gets washed over the life of a child's toilet training years.

Preferred 10 colours:
Upgrade to NV inserts (extra $1.50 each):No thanks
Yes, Id like to upgrade all my inserts to NV inserts add $33.00
Yes, Id like to upgrade half my inserts to NV inserts add $16.50
Flushable bioliners @ $9.90/roll (UP: $12.90)?:No thanks, I have plenty !
Yes, 1 roll please add $9.90
Yes, 2 rolls please add $18.80

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