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Package A (Trial Package)-Diaper Package
Package A (Trial Package)-Diaper Package

An ideal package to quickly get you into a system of diapering. With 10 inserts, you'll never need to worry again about the slow drying inserts holding back using your quick drying diapers.

You'll have to standby some disposables at home as 4 diapers isn't sufficient to fully cloth diaper your child.

Upgrade anytime to a bigger package if you enjoy the experience of cloth diapering at a small risk.

Preferred 4 colours:
Upgrade to NV inserts (extra $1.50 each):No thanks
Yes, Id like to upgrade all my inserts to NV inserts add $15.00
Yes, Id like to upgrade half my inserts to NV inserts add $7.50
Flushable bioliners $9.90/roll (UP: $12.90)?:No thanks, I have plenty !
Yes, 1 roll please add $9.90
Yes, 2 rolls please add $18.80

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