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UV Sun Protection Float Suit Navy with White Stripes ™-SplashAbout Singapore Wetsuits Swim Diaper
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Head to pool or beach this summer in nautical Navy and White Stripes. Learn to swim and stay safe in the sun with Splash About’s fantastic UV float suit, made with float technology invented by Splash About, this practical, durable and safe swim aid gives your toddler lots of freedom to move, swim and play without bulky and unreliable armbands, with the added bonus of protecting prone to burns areas from the sun. Remove the floats as they learn to swim and gain water confidence with the UV float suit, designed to hold them in a natural swim position. Say Goodbye to arm bands and rubber rings and get on board with the experts choice, The Splash About float suit is the perfect way to enjoy playing in and out of water, by the pool or in the sea, super soft nylon Lycra means its also wind proof and sand proof, so join the float suit revolution with Splash About and get double protection.

The SUN PROTECTION (UPF 50+) FloatSuit (with extra cover around the neck, back & chest, legs come to just above the knee, sleeves to just above the elbow) with "ABS" Adjustable Buoyancy System. The swimming and flotation aid that gives children the confidence and skills to swim without letting them become dependent on the buoyancy! The Adjustable Buoyancy System "ABS" can be adjusted to suit anybody, with two floats per pocket so that buoyancy can be individually tailored to the wearers requirements

UPF 50+ and full sun protection.
Most size and buoyancy adjustable float suit on market.
Promotes natural learn to swim position.
Nylon Lycra fabric gives added wind proof and sand proof protection.

Wash Instructions: Hand wash in cool clean water and hand dry in the shade away from direct sunlight. Do not machine wash.
Composition: Nylon Elastane Polyester.
Special Instructions: 16 Float Adjustable system, take out the floats depending on the buoyancy needed. Promotes the correct swimming position.


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