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Unbleached prefold cloth diapers are made from untreated cotton. They are natural in color, thus hiding stains better.Unbleached prefolds retain much of their natural cotton oils in the fiber matrix hence they are softer and very durable. As the natural oils in unbleached prefolds have not been removed by processing, you will notice a slight natural "waxy" coating on them when they arrive. Initially wash 4-5 times in HOT water and dry in between washings to remove this coating and "fluff up" the diapers and they will be ready for use.

Newborn size is perfect for the first 4 weeks (longer if the baby is a premie). They can then be used as doublers in Infant size prefolds. Infant size can fit from birth to about 3 months. Infant size prefolds also make great stuffers in our pocket diapers and excellent burp rags. Premium size can be used for bigger babies. They are excellent size as changing pads.

9.5" x 13"
(up to 3 months)
12" x 16"
(3 months up)
14" x 21"

Prefold sizes

Unbleached Prefolds:3-pack Deal (Infant) $8.91
A Dozen Deal- (Infant) $35.64
Would you like a pair of Snappis?:Yes, please ! add $8.50
No, thanks.

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