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Moms always ask us how best to wash their Tula carriers. Here's what Tula themselves have to say on the subject.

Tula Says

We'd like to recommend the best selling Country Save detergent from the USA. They're all natural, contain NO fabric softeners, NO dyes, NO perfumes and definitely NO optional brighteners. You can read more about Country Save HERE. It has an amazingly low cost per wash if you're using front load washers. At 80 washes per box, it comes up to less than S$0.38 per full load.

Tula Says

For Tula Mamas keen to try this fabulous detergent, we're happy to give you 5% off for your very first purchase of Country Save detergent. Only for single box purchase and for first time tryer only please :-) Use the code Take5%OFF upon checkout.

** we will manually the adjust the pricing to include the 5% discount :-)
Country Save Detergent (5 lbs box)

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