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We charge only S$25 for one week rental of the Tula carrier. Collection will be done at our shop @ Marina Square #03-156 so that we can teach you the tips and tricks of using the Tula carrier. If it's Tula Love, we will take S$10 off the purchase of your very own Tula. It's that easy to get started.

We will collect $200 (in cash, please) security deposit upon collection of the rental Tula carrier . This deposit will be fully refunded to you when you return the Tula in the same condition that it is hired in. Any damage - including rips, tears, unremovable stains and broken parts will result to penalties which will be deducted from your security deposit. Late return or extension of rental is charged as $5/day. Do drop us an email before booking the carrier if you need it for longer than a week.

Collection of the rental carrier should be done by the next day after you book one. Automatic cancellation of the booking will happen if the carrier is not collected by then. Thank you for your understanding

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Sidekick Baby Carrier Rental
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Puppy Love Baby Carrier Rental
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