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The new Bumwear NV inserts are now even better! An absorbent insert that's designed to be efficient and versatile.

How the new NV insert is designed:
  1. Like our classic insert, the NV insert serves as an absorbent that holds lots of liquid. It is made with 3 layers of 350gsm of high quality microfiber material. The thicker material allows more liquid to be absorbed and held before saturation leak takes place.

  2. Unlike the classic insert, the NV insert now has on one surface, a quick-dry, stay-dry seude-cloth material sewn over of the microfiber which keeps the wearer dry, even when the absorbent is wet. On the flip side of the insert is the expose microfiber brush-side surface. So instead of 2 sides microfiber material classic insert, the NV inserts has only one side microfiber, and the other side a quick-dry, stay-dry material.
    This allows the absorbent to be used two ways. On the inside with the microfiber brush side facing upwards; OR on the outside with the soft dry cloth in contact with the baby's skin.

  3. The stay-dry suede is sewn all around the edges too. When used on the outside, the baby's thigh will come in contact with the edges of the wet insert. This will keep the part of the baby's thigh dry.

  4. There are 2 snaps for the larger NV insert, to secure its fitting when use on the 'outside' of the diaper cover.

  5. When and if needed, the finger sleeve allows for easy placement into the pocket of the diaper.

With the above designed, we are able to achieve a better utilize and more versatile absorbent not just for modern cloth diapers when used inside the pocket; it can be used on the 'outside', with the stay-dry surface coming in contact with the baby's skin.

Methods of use:
  1. Extra padding for use with disposable diapers.

  2. We know that there are many babies who are heavy wetters and some disposables are just not absorbent enough for them. Why not try padding our smaller NV inserts with the disposables, with the stay-dry part facing upwards? The disposable diaper then becomes a cover, while your baby/toddler will continue to remain dry. When used this way, the insert extends the usage life of the diaper.

    So you have the convenience of disposables diapers, and with the NV extensions, you'll find yourself discarding lesser disposable diapers. This saves you money. :-)

  3. Use together with our new one-size NV Diaper.

  4. The New NV Diaper is a trim diaper without the stay-dry fleece or suede cloth top sewn on its inside. It has a waterproof backing that prevents the mess from passing out, and is ideally designed go with the NV insert.

    This saves you the need to have any disposables on standby at home. The NV Diaper is exceptionally easy to clean, it dries very fast and will be ready for re-use in a quick time. It is a huge money saver for families who are on a budget. Diapering babies becomes a non-issue with this system of diapering.

  5. Match it with our best-selling one-size cloth diapers.

  6. Match the NV Insert with our award winning one-size diaper for the *ultimate in comfort and dryness in diapering for baby. Kiss goodbye to exposure from chemicals in disposable diapers, expenses in visits to the clinics for diaper rash creams and save money all at the same time. The NV insert is mostly what a modern diaper is, except for the waterproofing layer and fasteners, and therefore acts as a 'diaper' of sorts.

    *Please do use the NV insert on the inside pocket of the diaper when the child is sleeping, and rest easy yourself. When used on the inside, the microfiber brush side must face upwards.
    When the child is awake, the NV insert can be used on the outside.

    This effectively turns the best selling one-size diaper into an AI2 (all-in-two) diaper. The NV insert is ideal for use in very young babies, where frequent change of diapers is the norm. Parents and caregivers will encounter that changing out the inserts will now be such a breeze.

Bumwear NV Inserts comes in two sizes:
  • the Small NV inserts -
  • for those who wish to pad it with disposable diapers or use it as a doubler;

  • the normal size NV inserts -
  • for use with most common one-size diapers or our new NV Diaper. These bigger NV inserts feature snaps for a more secure fit on our diapers, as well as finger sleeves for easy placement in the pockets of most cloth diapers.

Buy them in half-dozen quantities to experience a system of diapering of your choice.
Bumwear NV Inserts

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