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Did you know that the panty liners that most of us use every day is a major contributing factor to vaginal yeast infection ?

Consider the following facts:

• Disposable liners contain a myriad of chemicals and additives (green tea scented panty liners, anyone ? ;-) that serve to increase their absorbancy and mask the smell.

• Our genital tissues are highly sensitive, and these chemicals can be easily absorbed into our bodies, causing irritation, discomfort and itch in the process.

• The adhesive strip at the bottom of the pantyliner is made of plastic. And, we all know that skin is unable to breath through plastic. It is a common knowledge that bacteria grow much faster in wet and warm area. This will highly likely lead to vaginal irritation and yeast infection.


These pretty, reusable, breathable, cloth panty liners are the ultimate in comfort made from 100% cotton. There is no waterproof back on liners so they are very breathable and are great for everyday use. Made with 3 layers of 100% cotton flannel topped with an eye pleasing 100% cotton prints, these liners will last you a long time.

Here are a few more reasons for you to try cloth liners:

• More economical in the long run especially for those of us who use 2-3 liners a day
• Avoid skin irritation in sensitive areas, caused by super-absorbent synthetic materials
• No irritation as it will feel like a part of your underwear
• Environmentally friendly
• Many moms report lesser discharge after switching to cloth liners
• Cloth pads lack that distinctive sweaty feeling and foul odor disposables have because they are breathable and natural.

Available in twin-pack or 7-day kit. Click here to read more about Bumwear cotton pantyliners.

Bumwear Cotton Pantyliner 2-pack

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Bumwear Cotton Pantyliner 7-day kit

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