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A great and fuss-free way of dealing with night time "accidents"

Bumwear Mattress ProtectorWe're pleased to include in our store a product that has proven itself to be extremely useful in our household.

Bedwetting accidents are a lot easier on your child emotionally if we can clean up the mess without a lot of fuss. This breathable absorbent waterproof protector lies right on top of your child's bedsheet. Just tuck it under the mattress and it stays in place; pull it off without disturbing any bedding, and toss it in the washer. With this protector, you only have one thing to wash instead of the whole bedsheet in case of night accidents.

No more hot, sweaty and crinkly plastic undersheets! Choose from 100% cotton protectors or the super-soft polyester fabric protector. With this secure protection, your child will have a better sleep every night. This versatile protectors can be used on a bed or a cot. We have even used them on our queen size mattress when our baby was still co-sleeping with us

We have used it with great success at the tail end of our kids' bedtime toilet training (when we feel brave enough to put them in their undies but need extra protection just in case :-). It was also indispensable when they have bouts of stomach flu. It saves us from washing their entire beddings when they get sick and throw up at night.

Get at least 2 so that you will have a spare when one is in the laundry

Care Instructions:
• Machine washable (max 50˚C)
• No bleach/softener
• No ironing

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