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Like all babies, our Baby Dolls are adorable bundles of sweetness. From the curve of their little backside to the sweet little cap of hair – they’re made with love through and through. Smooth stones give them a lovely weighted feel in the bum. Every Baby Doll is unique; some have opened eyes and others are quietly sleeping. They each have a little cap of hair, a diaper and and a cute swaddling blanket to cuddle with. They come with the pictured outfit. Wonderful for ages 1.5 and up.

• 14" long
• Hair made with wool, mohair, and alpaca yarns
• Body sewn with specially-milled cotton from the Netherlands
• Stuffed with natural, western Canadian wool
• Includes a unique Birth Certificate, care instructions, and Blush Kit for touching up rosy cheeks
•Made with lots of love by Team Bamboletta in Canada

Cosima-Bamboletta dolls Singapore
Kiki-Bamboletta dolls Singapore
Winnie-Bamboletta dolls Singapore
Iris-Bamboletta dolls Singapore
Bonnie-Bamboletta dolls Singapore
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