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The Bumwear Pull-ups come in cute colours and prints making toilet training an easy process. Potty training is now a less tedious and stressful time for both you and your child.

Pull-up Breakdown

Our pull-up training pants are created to cater for bigger kids who are not done with toilet training yet. Every so often, we get calls and emails from moms saying "we heard good things about your diapers, can you make something that will fit my 4 year old ?"

The new Bumwear pull-up training pants, like our best selling Bumwear cloth diapers is a pocket system requiring an insert to be stuffed inside. As in the case of the Bumwear diapers, these pull-ups are lined with soft fleece that will keep their bottoms dry. The outside layer is the same waterproof and breathable laminated PUL that will effectively contain the mess.

Setting 2Setting 1
Pull-up memiliki seting 2 kolom kancing

The Bumwear Pull-ups come in 3 sizes. Even within a size, there are 3 columns of snaps so there's the flexibility of adjusting the fit of the diapers. The snaps to make cleaning up of "accidents" a whole lot easier. More importantly, these Pull-ups are buttery soft and very easy to little fingers to pull up and down.

Sizing of Bumwear Pull-ups

If your child is an average-sized Asian child, the following sizing may be a good gauge as far as sizings are concerned.

Size S : Normally fits 9-18 month olds
Size M : Normally fits 2-3 year olds
Size L : Normally fits 4-5 year olds

If you would like to get the correct fit, first measure around your child's waist 2cm below the belly button. Secondly measure at the top of the thigh where the underwear's legholes normally are.

Lastly, measure the rise. Use one of their well-fitting underwears for this:

Size Waist Leghole Rise
S 34 -42cm 18 -26 cm 21 cm
M 40 - 50 cm 24 - 34 cm 23 cm
L 46 - 56 cm 28 - 38 cm 25 cm

You can use the Bumwear Pull-ups for night time diapering. For bigger kids with more urine output, you might want to put in 2 inserts.

16 months old Meghan wearing size "S" 5 year old Keagan wearing size "L" 4 year old Audra wearing size "M"
Lavender Training Pants-Training Pants
Lavender Training Pants
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Purple Training Pants
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Black Training Pants
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Blue Training Pants
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Magenta Training Pants
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