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Diaper covers are over prefold diapers and fitted diapers to waterproof them  Diaper covers wrap around baby and are secured using either Velcro or snap buttons  for easy use (no more pins!).  Each diaper cover can be used several times without washing if allowed to air dry between uses.  Diaper covers usually can be washed along with diapers (depends on the brand and manufacturer suggestions)

White Cover
Pink Cover Blue Cover Olive Cover Green Cover

X-Small: 2-4 kg (4-9 lbs)
SMALL: 3.5-7 kg (8-16 lbs)
MEDIUM: 7-14 kg (15-30 lbs)
LARGE: 12-16 kg (27-36 lbs)

Price : S$20 each

Bumwear Diaper Cover

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