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Tula Baby Blankets, a new baby essential product from Tula®, are made with viscose, from bamboo. The jacquard woven fabric comes from very advanced and highly specialised looms that can weave very intricate designs. This combination of fabric material and technique blends into a end-product that is amazingly soft, plush and breathable, and yet can have very detail designs on them. The dyes used are earth friendly and completely safe for all users and babies.

The blankets are sold in sets of 3 per bag and measure 120cm by 120cm square for each. From time to time, these blankets will come in various designs, regardless of which, they make an excellent must-have item for your baby, and your not-so-young loved ones. At Bumwear, we will endeavour to make them available to you as soon as Tula has them available for us.

• Wash and Care: Please keep away from velcro hooks as contact with the hooks will make it difficult to detach from it and will cause damage to the fabric. We highly recommend that you use the wonderful residue-less Country Save Laundry detergent when washing them.
Tula Blanket Set of 3
Tula Blanket Set of 3
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