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Prefolds are the most widely used cloth diapers. Cost efficient and durable, they are the workhorse of the cloth diapering world. What are prefolds ? Prefolds are rectangular in shape and designed with three areas of varying thickness. Prefolds listed as 4x8x4 have four layers of cotton twill on the side panels with eight layers in the middle where the maximum absorbancies is needed. They make a great and affordable choice for newborns because as newborn babies go through so many diapers per day. They can later on be used as burp cloth and can also double up as inserts in pocket diapers. With loving care, you will still be using these diapers around the house for years after your children are out of diapers :-)

The durable and economical Bumwear Cotton Prefolds are the perfect combination of superb absorbency, affordability and baby- soft fluffiness. Our specially custom woven twill cotton remains trim yet very absorbent. These Diaper Service Quality (DSQ) prefolds can survive rigorous washing/drying without tearing, shredding, pilling or losing absorbency. In fact, our prefolds quilt up and get fluffier with each wash.

Prefolds will normally need covers since they are not waterproof. The diaper cover will fasten the diaper around your baby, but for an even more secure and snug fit, we recommend using Snappi diaper fasteners. These are way better and faster than the old fashioned pins :-)

Frugal mom tip: You can save quite a bit by diapering your newborn for 2-3 months using prefolds and cover before moving on to our one size cloth diapers.

Our prefolds are shipped unwashed. So when you first get them, they will first look flat and stiff but after a few washes, they will fluff up wonderfully and shrink to their intended sizes

New prefolds Washed prefolds
Washed Prefolds. See how nicely they fluff up. The Telephone sharpener is there as a means of measurement :-)

Unwashed Prefolds

Our prefolds come in 3 sizes:

9.5" x 13"
(up to 3 months)
12" x 16"
(3 months up)
14" x 21"

Prefold sizes

3 months old 3 months old
Kenan @ 2 weeks old wearing infant size
Kenan @ 3 months old wearing premium size

Newborn size is perfect for the first 4 weeks (longer if the baby is a premie). They can then be used as doublers in the Infant size prefolds. Infant size can fit from birth to about 3 months. Infant size prefolds also make great stuffers in our pocket diapers and excellent burp rags. Premium size can be used for bigger babies. They are excellent size as changing pads. Click here on tips on cloth diapering newborns.

We offer you 3 great choices in prefold diapers:

White Prefolds Color Prefolds
Unbleached Prefolds

Unbleached prefold cloth diapers are made from untreated cotton. They are natural in color, thus hiding stains better.Unbleached prefolds retain much of their natural cotton oils in the fiber matrix hence they are softer and very durable. As the natural oils in unbleached prefolds have not been removed by processing, you will notice a slight natural "waxy" coating on them when they arrive. Initially wash 4-5 times in HOT water and dry in between washings to remove this coating and "fluff up" the diapers and they will be ready for use.

White prefolds have been processed to obtain their pristine, bright white color. When they arrive, these will require 2 regular washings and dryings to "fluff up" and become absorbent.

The professionally dyed Bumwear Colour Prefolds add a burst of colours to any diaper stash. They have been dyed in fiber-reactive dye that will not fade. It is recommended that for the initial pre-washing, the coloured prefolds are washed separately .

All 3 types work wonderfully. The choice is only a personal one as to whether to use white, coloured or unbleached prefold diapers.Also, they will "pill" for a while. Pilling is normal and will decrease and disappear with time. Allow for up to 10% shrinkage.

How many do I need ?
From our experience, we found that newborns will easily go through 10-12 per day. If you factor in drying time, we'd say a comfortable number of prefolds to have would be at least 2 dozens.

What else would I need ?


Prefolds are not waterproof and as such, they may need a cover. For my own newborns, I normally let them go coverless at home. For 2 good reasons; firstly to get greater breathability for their little bottoms and secondly so that I know precisely how many wet diapers they produce in a day (a fully breastfed baby should produce 6-8 wet diapers a day). I normally put a cover over their prefolds at night and when we go out. Click here to buy covers.

We highly recommend buying a pair or two of the Snappi diaper fastener. It is an extremely easy to use fastener that offers a practical and reliable way to fasten a prefold, replacing the diaper pin.

It comes in a variety of colors and is made from a stretchable non-toxic material, which is T-shaped with grips on each end. These grips hook into the diaper fabric to ensure a snug-fitting diaper with enough natural movement for the baby. Click here to buy snappis.

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Here are your choices in prefolds :

White Prefolds-
White Prefolds
$8.91 - $39.60
Unbleached Prefolds-unbleached prefolds
Unbleached Prefolds
$8.91 - $35.64
Coloured Prefolds-
Coloured Prefolds
$11.70 - $64.80
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