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How to wear Bumwear Diapers

Please note that like all cloth diapers, the Bumwear cloth diapers and the inserts SHOULD be washed before use to improve absorption capabilities. New fabrics have a special chemical finish on them that gives them that "new fabric" smell and feel. This finish is water-repellent, and must be removed by machine washing before use.

Make sure the new cloth diapers are washed several times to remove this special finish on the fabric, before using them to diaper your baby. Cloth diapers will not reach their most absorbent state until after three complete
wash/dry cycles.
Avoid softeners as they create waxy build up on the cloth diapers that will cause the diapers to repel water instead of absorbing it. Dynamo detergent contains some fabric softener and should therefore not be used in washing of the cloth diapers.

The following series of photos show you how easy it is to put on the Bumwear cloth diaper.

Step 1 - diaper, insert and liner

Step 1 Step 2
Step 3

Smallest Setting
Small - step 2
Small - step 1
Small - step 3 Small - step 4
Small - step 5

Medium Setting
Medium - step 2
Medium - step 1
Medium - step 3

Large Setting
Large - step 2
Large - step 1

Happy Baby :-)

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