Evolutions of Bumwear One Size Pocket Diapers

I received a sweet email from a customer, Petrina and she wrote “You have a great product and I love the pro-customer stance you have. From the excellent pre- and post-sales service to the continuous innovation. I have seen your product upgrade over these two years — wider pockets so it’s easier to fit the inserts, mini inserts, pocketed inserts so they are easier to dry, longer inserts, extra buttons to make a better fit around the legs and these are just improvements to the main Bumwear line! Thanks for making my life easier and my babies’ bums happy!

This email makes me recall the very many improvements we have made to our best-selling one size Bumwear diapers from when we first started selling them, way back in 2002. I think we were then among the first, if not the first, to sell one size pocket diapers.

The following diaper photos show the evolution of Bumwear diapers.

Bumwear Diaper 1.0
Bumwear Diaper 1.0

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