Introducing Bumwear Cotton Pantyliners

Femmewear panty liner
Bumwear Pantyliners

Did you know that the panty liners that most of us use every day is a major contributing factor to vaginal yeast infection ?

Consider the following facts:
• Disposable liners contain a myriad of chemicals and additives (green tea scented panty liners, anyone ? 😉 ) that serve to increase their absorbancy and mask the smell.
• Our genital tissues are highly sensitive, and these chemicals can be easily absorbed into our bodies, causing irritation, discomfort and itch in the process.
• The adhesive strip at the bottom of the pantyliner is made of plastic. And, we all know that skin is unable to breath through plastic. It is a common knowledge that bacteria grow much faster in wet and warm area. This will highly likely lead to vaginal irritation and yeast infection.

Bumwear is now offering to moms what we have been offering to babies since 2002 – comfort and freedom from chemical laden disposables !

Toilet Trained Before 2 !

Kenan toilet trained just before 2
Kenan toilet trained just before 2

I am thrilled that our fifth baby is finally toilet trained ! And as a bonus, he did it a month before he turned 2 years old. An advantage to cloth diapers is that they usually lead to earlier toilet training because the child actually knows when he or she is wet.

Toilet training Kenan was a breeze. We just told him that he was a big boy and he didn’t need his diapers any more. For the first 2 days, we brought him to the toilet every hour and asked him in between each hour whether he wants to go toilet.

By the third day, we caught 80% of his pee and poo in the day time. The other 20% we missed was when we were too engrossed doing our own stuff and forgot to remind him.

By the sixth day, he was accident free in the daytime. He still wears his cloth diapers at night. I’m way too lazy to wake up at night to bring him to the toilet 😉 but he mostly wake up with dry diapers.

He was still wearing his hand-me-down one size Bumwear diapers when he was toilet trained at 23 months. I didn’t even have the chance to take Meghan’s training pants out from storage for him to wear. This shows that you can indeed wear the one size diapers from a very baby baby to the toilet training age.